PA spiral | screw for PA board + FMU pipe collar

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screw for PA board + FMU pipe collar

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screw for rockwool slabproven fastening in combination with PA board rockwool slab + FMU pipe collar. The special spiral screw ensures very solid board-to-board connections of/onto PA Board for fire sealing:

  • openings for cable penetrations + large openings:
    – wall openings up to 600x1200mm
    – floor openings up to 600x5000mm
  • fire dampers, installation + upgrade towards fire compartment
  • air ducts, fire resistant cladding
  • ‘screw’ FMU/FMI pipe collars onto PA board rockwool slabs
  • ‘outer boxes’ PA board for bundled pipes
  • simple low-budget fire rated inspection hatches


fire resistant rockwool slabgo to the downloads page or click:

PA spirals are standard available in lengths 40 + 90mm. Lengths 50mm up to 180mm upon request.
Email us for more info.


proven fire resistant performances related to application:

  • fire resistance EI 30 up to EI 240 acc.
    – EN 1366-3, penetration seals
    – EN 1366-2, fire dampers
    – EN 1634-3, smoke control
    – in combination with PA board + FMU/FMI pipe collars
  • classified acc. EN 13501-1+2, Euroclass
  • CE marking acc. EAD 350454-00-1104 with Declaration of Performance (DoP)
    – click for more info on building products with CE marking


Firetect, it’s a system !

  • Firetect is a fire rated system
  • fully interchangeable, easy application
  • compact product range with wide Field of Application

principle details

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Firetect products are EN tested + certified acc. EOTA and have CE mark, thus fully compliant with EU building codes + regulations, incl. environmental requirements !

product specifications

diameter in mm


length in mm

40, 90

order unit

1000 pieces in a bag

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