Cable transit | fire resistant cable transit


fire resistant cable transit for maintenance-free cable retrofitting

€ 25.75€ 49.50


fire resistant cable transitmaintenance-free cable transit for fire sealing:

  • openings for cable penetrations:
    – cables + bundles Ø 110mm
  • maintenance-free:
    no repairs with cable mutations!
    – cable retrofitting is easy
    – multiple cable transits on row for maximum flexibility


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proven fire resistant performances related to application:

  • fire resistance EI 60 up to EI 120 acc.
    – EN 1366-3, penetration seals
  • classified acc. EN 13501-1+2, Euroclass
  • CE marking acc. ETAG 026-2 with Declaration of Performance (DoP)
    – click for more info on building products with CE marking


Firetect, it’s a system !

  • Firetect is a fire rated system
  • fully interchangeable, easy application
  • compact product range with wide Field of Application

product specifications


cable transit

diameter in mm

50, 90

length in mm

120, 150

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