C | calcium silicate fireboard


calcium silicate fireboard for heavy duty applications

€ 20.40€ 41.70 /m2


calcium silicate fireboardcalcium silicate fireboard for heavy duty constructions:

  • board cladding for structural steelwork
  • fire compartments:
    – fire rated walls
    – high impact or humidity resistance
  • upgrade building elements (with renovation):
    – fire resistant doors + frames
    – fire resistant perimeter trims for suspended ceilings
    – fire resistant perimeter trims for windows


calcium silicate fireboardgo to the downloads page or click:


proven fire resistant performances related to application:

  • fire resistance R 30 up to R 180 + EI 30 up to EI 240 acc.
    – EN 13381-4, passive protection to steel members
    – EN 1364-1, fire resistance for non-loadbearing elements
  • classified acc. EN 13501-1+2, Euroclass
  • CE marking acc. ETAG 018-4 with Declaration of Performance (DoP)
    – click for more info on building products with CE marking


Firetect, it’s a system !

  • Firetect is a fire rated system
  • fully interchangeable, easy application
  • compact product range with wide Field of Application


fire rated-building-products-green-buildings
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Firetect products are EN tested + certified acc. EOTA and have CE mark, thus fully compliant with EU building codes + regulations, incl. environmental requirements !

product specifications



length in mm


width in mm


thickness in mm

10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27

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