plastic pipes in walls + floors with FMU/FMI pipe collar

PE/PP/PVC pipes with pipe collar

Fire rated Firetect solution:

  • plastic pipes Ø 40mm up to Ø 400mm
    – also available in FMI (stainless steel) for heavy duty applications
  • always the right size on the job:
    – allowed oversize opening / pipe collar up to 15mm
    standard pipe collar chained to each other !
  • easy installation of FMU/FMI pipe collar:
    – low installation height
    – fastening with screws instead of rods
    – tested with only 2 fastenings up to Ø 125mm in flexible walls
    – installation in open U-shape for ‘challenging’ corners (no space for standard installation)
  • tested fastening with PA board screws (special ‘spirals’):
    – installation onto PA board; click for principle detail
    – installation in PA board (cast-in method) for aesthetics; click for principle detail
    – installation onto ‘outer box’ PA board; click for principle detail
  • worst case scenarios tested:
    – angled pipes up to 45°
    – bundled pipes in 1 penetration seal
    – pipes with pipe joints
  • constructive element:
    – flexible walls ≥ 100mm
    – rigid walls ≥ 100mm
    – rigid floors ≥ 150mm
  • fire resistance: EI 30 up to EI 180, depending on configuration + application

Also view:
strangled / bundled configurations with FMU/FMI pipe collar
FMU/FMI pipe collar on outer box of rockwool batt
open U-shape installed FMU/FMI pipe collar with angled pipes
– other Firetect solutions within application fire rated plastic pipes
– Field of Application within Firetect system: fire rated plastic pipes (PDF)
General instructions for FMU/FMI pipe collar

  • application always acc. DoP No. CPR-14/0251-collar
  • standard installation on 2 sides (walls) or 1 side (floors)
    – also tested on 1 side in walls; pls. contact us for exact specifications !
  • bend fixing lugs outwards and fit collar around pipe onto constructive element or PA board
  • mark screw positions through the lug slots
  • fastenings:
    – flexible walls: phosphate screws, coarse-thread; fasten pipes ≤ Ø125mm with only 2 screws
    – rigid walls + floors: non-corrosive screws and/or fire rated strike anchors
    – in / onto PA board: PA board screws
    – with installation (cast-in method): pipe collar is flush with constructive element / PA board, yet still visible
  • apply smoke seal around pipe with Firetect Acrylic or Firetect PA sealer on either side