fire rated ceiling sockets with Seal pad EVO

socket boxes in ceilings

Fire rated Firetect solution:

  • standard plastic electrical socket boxes in fire compartment ceilings:
  • plastic ceiling sockets up to 70mm
  • constructive element: metal stud ceilings ≥ 150mm
  • fire resistance: EI 120 (principle configuration)

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fire rated socket boxes in flexible walls
– Field of Application within Firetect system: fire rated electrical socket boxes (PDF)
General instructions for Seal pad EVO

  • application always acc. DoP No. CPR-14/0275-sealpad
  • standard application: 1 Seal pad EVO per ceiling socket
    – peel off protective foil and apply Seal pad EVO firmly IN the box at the back end
    – with renovation: push wires aside; the EVO is enough flexible / bendable to apply without de-installing wiring at the back end of the box !
  • if required, apply smoke seal around penetration opening with Firetect Acrylic or PA sealer for a ‘jointless’ connection with constructive element