maintenance-free cable penetrations in walls with Cable transit

cable bundles in walls (maintenance-free)

Fire rated Firetect solution:

  • electrical cables up to Ø 72mm:
    – single + bundled
    – cable retrofitting without maintenance
    – extra wiring is easy, risk for flash over is secured !
  • fire rated ánd aesthetic solution in constructive element:
    – diameter Ø 50mm + Ø 90mm
    – length 120mm + 150mm
  • constructive element:
    – flexible walls ≥ 100mm
    – rigid walls ≥ 100mm
    – view application in other type of constructive element
  • fire resistance:
    – EI 60 up to EI 120, depending on configuration + application
    – cable transit fill allowance: 80% (eg Ø90 = max. 72)

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General instructions with Cable transit

  • application always acc. DoP No. CPR-14/0251-transit
  • standard installation on 1 side:
    – position Cable transit centrally in constructive element
    – if required, first apply rock wool backing in penetration opening
  • mount by applying Firetect Acrylic on either side:
    – joint detail 10 x 25mm; avoid trapping air
  • apply a ‘fire plug’ IN Cable transit on either side:
    – use loose rock wool (standard delivered with Cable transit)
    – cables must be bundled, using tie wraps or similar
  • after each cable retrofitting, ensure that the cable transit is filled with enough rock wool, on either side