fire rated cables + bundles with Firetect Graphite

cables + bundles with graphite sealant

Fire rated Firetect solution:

  • electric cables up to Ø 110mm:
    – single + bundled
    – various cable configurations: YMVK, CAT UTP etc.
  • constructive element:
    – flexible walls ≥ 100mm
    – rigid walls ≥ 100mm

  • fire resistance: EI 60 up to EI 120, depending on configuration + application

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General instructions for Graphite sealant

  • application always acc. DoP No. CPR-14/0273-graphite
  • standard application on 2 sides (walls)
  • apply sealant IN penetration opening
    – if required, first apply rock wool backing in penetration opening
    – joint detail, depending on configuration (see overview)
    – avoid trapping air