correct fire damper installation with PA board

fire damper installation

  • fire dampers ≤ 600x300mm, installation in fire compartment:
    – fire damper support onto floor, not onto wall
    – in case of wall deformation, adjacent joints fire damper – wall remain intact
    – no extra expansion unit required
  • constructive element:
    – flexible walls ≥ 100mm
    – rigid walls ≥ 100mm
    – view upgrade towards fire compartment
  • fire resistance acc. EN 1366-3:
    – EI 90, principle configuration
    – smoke control acc. EN 1634-3
  • easy + correct installation:
    – always apply acc. DoP No. CPR-14/0260-board
    – ensure fire damper is correctly mounted acc. instructions by manufacturer
    – support fire damper onto floor with M8 bolts

    – cut PA board strips to size:
    – as backing for cross cut edges of fire damper (top + bottom)
    – for the aperture; ensure a tight-fit positioning in opening

    – ‘butter’ all cross cut edges of PA board + opening with PA coating
    – position PA board strips tight-fit + butt joint
    – seal off adjacent joints with 5mm Acrylic or PA sealer

fire damper installation

product development by common practice

Firetect, it's a system!

fire damper installation
- in PA board
- deformation "proof"


use Firetect Acrylic or PA sealer to seal off


quick + correct installation
no expansion unit required


proven fire resistant perfomances related to application

fire damper installation

with PA board

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